Custom Designed Vehicle

Custom Designed Vehicle

An emergency can strike in seconds with no warning and disrupt communications for days or even weeks. Dealing with an emergency situation, natural disaster, or civil disorder requires constant and accurate information collection and monitoring over a highly secure connection. Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) solutions are communications tools needed to assist government agencies in completing their missions safely and successfully. That’s why ICAST vehicle COTM solutions are essential for rapid and reliable communications in emergencies. ICAST COTM solutions deliver broadband connectivity—anytime, anywhere—with various integrated communication system.

Custom Designed Mobility Solutions

Mobile Command and Control Vehicle

At ICAST, we understands that each client has unique needs. We have the ability to custom design a complete solution that addresses all aspects of a client’s requirements including such items as vehicle armouring. Built to withstand harsh environments, ICAST COTM solutions undergo rigorous testing and are designed for secure communications in the most challenging environments whether urban or remote areas.

Mobile Siren Trailer For Disaster Preparedness

Custom designed two wheel trailer with kremona tower is a mobile announcement system that designed to support disaster preparedness, to provide quick and convenient announcement system in disaster areas where quick response is required. The announcement system installed on the trailer can be taken as near as possible to the disaster hit area. The trailer equipped with power supply, battery, generator, etc.



  • Fully Self Sustaining System
  • Automated Control for Tower Erection
  • TWS Siren Series- Market Leader for High Quality Audio
  • Custom Designed Trailer System
  • GSM Siren Trigger Module ( Optional)


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