• The objective of the ICAST Mass Public Emergency Announcement System is to enable public announcement made that can reach wide area approximately 1.2 to 1.5km radius.
  • The system is portable for a rapid deployment in the event of disaster.
  • The ICAST public announcement system is installed on a outdoor trailer cabinet and can be towed using a 4 wheel drive.
  • The announcement system is 100% self contained and comes in a mobile weather proof outdoor cabinet.
  • The cabinet is fully modular and can be dismantled for mobilization to area not reachable by vehicle.
  • The cabinet can withstand operation in harsh condition and deployed to any location easily.
  • System comes with 4 units of TWS high powered speakers that are highly reliable announcement system with clear and intelligible voice capability
  • System can be controlled and activated, allows the operators to either live or pre recorded announcement
  • The system can be mobilised either as rapid deployment mobile unit or as semi-permanent system.
  • Upon usage the system can be easily stored and required small storage space.

System Operation

  • Upon receiving any disaster notification, the officer can hook the Announcement System trailer to their 4 wheel drive.
  • The system can be driven to any location where the announcement to be made.
  • Upon reaching the desired location, the officer shall install the speaker on the pneumatic mast.
  • The pneumatic mast can be erected using the remote control to reach the maximum height of 6 meters.
  • The system shall be ready immediately to make either live or pre recorded announcement.
  • Various siren are also available in the system to help attract attention of the public.
  • The system power system is self sustained, powered by the generator which is installed in the cabin.
  • The announcement system can be used either short term use or long term use depending to the situation.

System Application


This Rapid Deployment Public Notification System can be deployed in the following situation

Disaster alert to remote community in location not reach by other communication medium

Strengthening existing Permanent Early Warning

Announcement of evacuation and broadcast of evacuation route

Crowd control and making announcement in relief centers

Crowd control during evacuation process

Disaster related information broadcast and education to community

System Component


The cabinet comes with :-

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