Rapid Image Communication

Solutions overview


AnsuR aims to work along the three pillars of communication, wisdom and advice, operating both as a commercial technology provider but based on sound scientific and advanced research, while in selected cases also offering advice to key partners and customers.

In short ASIGN:

Adaptive System Image-communications in Global Networks.

We presently provide the following solutions and services:


Our own technology projects is referred to as ASIGN and SATIN. ASIGN is a global image communication system for satellite and wireless links. SATIN is an ad-hoc satellite based infrastructure network for security, emergency and business continuity.

Wisdom and Inspiration

We apply our knowledge and skill to several arenas:

  • scientific work
  • international research
  • collaborative projects
  • publishing scientific and technical papers
  • organizing conferences where the wisdom of both others and ourself can be shared.

The wisdom is also applied to various support projects like providing broadband to rural America and developing future satellite communications standards. the wisdom also involves international lecturing in satellite communications, such as the University of Delft Spacetech program.


In selected cases, AnsuR people will provide specialist advice to internatinoal customers. These are typically short term consultancy jobs related to our expertise areas. Feel free to contact AnsuR in the cases where you may think such services could be applicable.


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